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Writing of État Statique: first draft completed

The current project, starting on January 30th 2013, is writing the firsr draft for the movie État Statique, following the planning written between January 30th and February 14th. The first draft of the scenario was completed on March 6th 2013.

Version 6 of Statique Mentale

On January 30th 2013, the 6th version of Statique Mentale was completed.


The first draft was completed on March 6th 2013

What if you lost everything?

Imagine you were on the verge of losing everything that is important for you. Would you also lose your mind? Statique Mentale is a French language movie project about a man quickly losing everything in his life, including his mind. To catch the emotion of the movie, imagine the movie "A Beautiful Mind", before his diagnostic.

First part of the Static Trilogy

Even thought the movie Statique Mentale will be completely self-contained, elements and characters of the movie will be present in the sequel, "Espace Statique" and in the conclusion of the trilogie "État Statique".


Statique Mentale is a movie under development. The first draft of the scenario was written in February 2011 and the most recent rewrite was made in January 2013.

Espace statique Summary

Several years after "Statique Mentale", we find Sonia Pitfield who will go on a quest to find her husband, Paul, who is missing while planning a rail road construction contract in Equatorial Africa.

She will discover that Paul wasn't kidnapped at random.

Lost alone in an African country, Sonia will need to find Paul while she is stuck in the middle of a terrorist act wave aiming the destruction of a launch loop.

This loop served to place into orbit the first mega space habitat in orbit and completely changed the world economy.

In Africa, Sonia had previously met Sophie Lachance, the wife of Sonia's brother Jean which she had not seen since the first part of the trilogie (Statique-Mentale). Sonia was there to give a conference on the effects of the loop on world economy.

Luckily, Sonia met a Chinese diplomatic agent, Ming Lee, who believes she knows what happened to Paul.

And if everything was connected? And if there was a link which Sonia couldn't see. And just where is her brother Jean during all of this?


Statique Mentale is a movie under development. The first draft of the scenario was written in Feburary/March 2012 and the most recent rewrite was made in Mai 2012. IThere are still a few actions scenes missing from the movie but the main story is already written.

État statique summary

843 years after the events of Statique Mentale and of Espace Statique, hummaniry has colonized space.

34 planets in orbit around 31 extra-solar systems have been colonized thanks to the discovery of faster than light propulsion.

But only one corporation still controls this technology and an accident will allow one young girl on one of the outer colonies to discover a nefarious, but mysterious plan which seems to have its origins in the beginning of the colonization program.

Will she be able to break on time a conspiracy in place for more than 600 years?

Will she even be able to just leave her home planet when she is being pursued by mysterious people?

Meanwhile, the newly elected senator of her colony attempts to reach Earth to ask for more resources and, more importantly, the establishment of a new colony on their planet with which they could do local commerce. He finds himself caught into the conspiracy without even knowing that one of his compatriotes has the information he needs.

How does this movie, set on another planet, fits with the rest of the trilogy and what will we lean more about the first part of the trilogy?


État Statique is a movie under development. The first draft of the scenario was completed on March 6th 2013.

Connections manquées summary

Once the scenario of the trilogy will be finalized, the author will concentrate on writing a romantic comedy telling how Jean Pitfield and Sophie Lanchance met each other and the beginning of their relationship, when they are still 18.

Of course, Jean's little sister (Sonia Pitfield) will be in the distribution, at the age of 15.

This prequel will occur in the weeks following the death of Jean and Sonia's parents.

Why a romantic comedy?

Because a couple as excentric as Jean and Sophie need an origin story as exceptional as their adult life will be.

Statique Mentale is an origin movie. It's the beginning of the Static trilogy and it is the pebble which starts the action of the reste of the trilogy.

But the base of that action is the love that Jean and Sophie have for one another. It's the soul of the trilogy, the heart of the story.

It's the union of these two person which sparks the beginning of the extraordinary epic which is this trilogy.

The prequel will thus show us the beginning of this couple whose love will change the look of the world.

On top of that, Sophie is a secondary character in Statique Mentale. We can barely see why Jean loves her so much, just that he does.

The prelude will show us the beginning of that love.

It is also in the prelude that the bases of the Static universe are subtly laid out.


Connections manquées is a movie under development. The planning of the scenario is in progress and completed at 40% and the first draft of the scenario should be written in the winter of 2014., The first 12 pages of the scenarios are already written.

Montréal Statique summary (working title)

In 2100, the colonization of space is in progress while globalization continues to transform the planet.

Massive debts of the Quebec government and the low birth rate in Quebec, coupled with the late arrival of new immigrants (who prefer to leave the other planets) cause a collapse of the Quebec society.

Population decline in the metropolitain area leaves the field open to foreign mega-corporations that benefit to impose their laws on their duty-free zones.

Only a little spark was needed for these new multi-planetary players to engage in a secret war in the barely recognizable metropolitan region of Montréal.

The film focuses on the actions of a public figure who has earned the nickname the "Butcher of Montreal" because of his involvement in the disappearance of hundreds of people at the heart of the war.

This film takes place directly in the Static Universe but is not formally part of the trilogy static.

Although a new project, the film connects elements of the Static universe and a now lost short story written by Martin-Pierre Frenette more than 20 years ago.


Montréal Statique is a movie under development. The planning of the scenario is in progress and completed at 20% and the first draft of the scenario should be written shortly.


The colonies

In the Static universe, 31 systems will be colonized by humanity over a period of approximately 200 years thanks to the development of a faster than light traval technology.

Sadly, this technology has its limit, or more precisely a limit of 15,1 light years traveled per earth years.

To make it worse, it takes 60 days to accelerate to that speed and, at the end of the trip, another 60 days to slow down, travelling 1.25 light years per transition.

It places Omicron 2 Eridani, the first colony at a travel time of 1 year, 2 months and 16 days of Earth, which is the time it takes to the travail the 15.8 light years of distance.

The majority of the coloinies have a huge quantity of notes concerning its history and its resources, even though a rewritting is in progress to apply a new global history following new decisions to make the universe more coherent.

The ships

For each of the colonized systems, a new colonization ship was built and was then used for the round-trip between Earth and its colony.

That's how the 31 fully automated ships were created and all are still generally still used to transport merchandise and colonists.

In 2175, during the inter-regnum, most of the ships were reprogrammed to also travel between various colonies, reducing the role of the Earth in inter-colonial commerce following a massive recession on Earth caused by the revolt of various colonies in 2157-2175.

The inter-regnum ended in 2239 when ships were reassigned to their final routes in order to better serve inter-colonial commerce.

A big part of the notes concern the movements of those ships which are of crucrial strategic importance: the development of a colony depends on the commerce of those 31 colonials ships (now reduced to 30 since the inter-regnum).


Since 1993, Martin-Pierre Frenette wrote over 4000 pages of notes on his science-fiction universe, detailing over 800 years of history on the colonization of space by the human race.

The Static Trilogy shows 3 of the most important moments of that universe, with Jean Pitfield as a central figure, a little like Zefram Cochrane in Star Trek.

Vision of the Productions La Source

On the Internet, the number one rule in creating a successful website is: "Content is King".

We believe that in film, the story is queen. We want to create films with thrilling plots, for unpredictable but believable and engaging characters.

We believe in the rule of Chekhov's gun dictates:

"If in the first act you have hung a pistol on the wall, then in the following one it should be fired. Otherwise don't put it there."

According to tvtropes: "Chekhov's Gun is a literary technique whereby an unimportant element introduced early in the story becomes significant later on. "

In short, we want to make movies that we want to see and see again.

For the moment, the Productions la Source focuses primarily on the development of film projects that are set to Static Universe .

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